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Project # 15-26 Baptist Camp in Puerto Rico (USA)

Mountain View Camp-(Campo Monte Vista)
Total Project Estimated: $120,000
Phase One Need:$10,000 (a landscape architect would produce master plan)

Howard Waller, former Missions Pastor at Bear Valley Church, is now the Partnership Coordinator for the Puerto Rico Baptist Convention. He and his wife Connie retired and moved to this U.S. territory located on the other side of Haiti.

The island territory has almost 4 million people if it becomes a state someday, it will rank 29th in population more than Kansas or Wyoming or almost half of the states. Yet there are only36 Baptist churches operating!

The convention owns 40 acres of land near to the El Yunque National Forest, but nothing has ever been done with this land! We believe that this camp if developed would serve all 36 churches and also lead to ministry to thousands of youth and adults.


We have a retired national park service landscape architect willing to go to P.R. for a week in October and produce a multi-page plan for developing the camp wells, septic tank, outhouses, softball fields, pavilion for worship (and dining),

Kitchen building, office, and tent platforms. He will do the work at a highly discounted price. Also, both Oklahoma and Louisiana Baptist Conventions are considering 3-year partnerships that would bring massive labor (and funding?) to bear on this project.