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Periodically some of our workers and friends collect funds to purchase and give out Bibles to new believers in the appropriate languages. We have done this in the Philippines, since our partner churches there are in extremely rural areas. In those kinds of economies, there is little disposable income for “books,” even Bibles.

On Negros Oriental island, in particular, we found that among 30 churches, in more than 20 of these small congregations, only the pastor owned a Bible in the Visayan (or Cebuano) language.  A few people had English bibles. The children had none.

Currently, as of March 2016, Jim and Maureen Milavec, (Colorado residents and teachers) working with SOCI missionary Fred Hogue and OYAN Mission (on Negros Oriental) are collecting and transferring funds for two projects:

  1. Visayan Bibles purchased from Philippine Bible Society and delivered to Dumaguete (the principal city on the island) – these cost around $ 1.40 per unit (amazing!).
  2. English language children’s bibles and bible story books – gathered in the USA as donated to us by MOPS groups or other churches, shipped in “Balakbayan” boxes (friendship boxes) which can weigh up to 90 pounds and go directly through customs at no charge.

Contributions given to SOCI for “BIBLES” will all go to this project in the Philippines during the spring and summer of 2016.