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Nelson Duchu Evangelist/Church Planter

The purpose of my proposed mission work is to reach as many as possible for the kingdom of God, and to encourage the broken hearted. Basically touching others for Christ through the gospel is my life driven purpose using all the possible ways to make sure many are reached.

Having lost both of my parents mysteriously/brutally while I was still a little boy, I went through a lot and I thought I was totally forgotten and that I would never be okay in life. When I heard about Christ, what he does and how Jesus loves me, I was amazed. This message was sounded into my life by various people.

While in that dilemma rather a cross road, I happened to meet a missionary who showed me the love of Christ in actions and also connected me to a caring spiritual and physical sponsor/ parent.

This man has monitored my life from childhood to this level- I am now a graduate seriously serving God as a pastor and church planter in Mbale, Uganda.

To me this is all God because this man and I — we didn’t know each other for years, and only met recently for a week. Now we email all the time and he guides me in ministry.

It’s on this ground that I came to know that Jesus truly loves me and he cares, my calling came in here where I felt someone telling me “you went through all that for a reason and I have prepared you to reach others who are like you were.”

My vision is to both plant and pastor churches and also to open a Children’s Home in this lower income section of Mbale.

Budget $2,400
Category Religion
Target population Adults
Children and Youth (infants – 19 years)
Children and Youth (infants – 19 years.)


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