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Wendy Henkelman – Storytelling through Video

My mission work is Storytelling through video, and essentially to be a missionary to other ministries and people that will creatively produce and tell stories through video.

Not just a missionary for one organization, but a missionary for other organizations. I would imagine quarterly updates would be about the organizations I get to help and the focuses going forward (which orgs. I’m helping) very similar to someone in YWAM called to serve the nations. I Want to help further the kingdom by creating/producing videos that share stories that are impacting the world, and will continue to impact people and draw them to take action or life-change.

Today, when people ask what I do, I tell them – I tell stories through events and video-OR I’m a storyteller through events and media. As my circles continue to expand, over the last two years it has been a complete joy to come along side of some amazing ministries and help them not only plan events, fundraisers and outreaches, but recap these through video as well as Creatively produce their “story” via video to show who they are, what they do, and how they’re impacting the nations.

My Story

I was raised in a Christian home so I put my faith in Jesus at a young age (8) and continued to grow as a young kid and believer. However as many kids wrestle with struggles of the world, it really wasn’t until later in High School when I made the decision to really dive in to what God had for me, and I believe this altered my life’s course. I chose to attend a Christian college in southern California to study film, and while I didn’t quite know the calling the Lord had on my life, I pursued a career in film and TV but naturally fell into a lot more PR and marketing and promotions work.

Over the last 10 years I’ve been blessed to serve ministries telling their stories through PR & events. I served with Dare 2 Share Ministries for several years as PR Coordinator for nationwide youth events, and also had the chance to work on several faith based action sports films; Luis Palau’s LIVIN IT (skateboarding/BMX film about guys living their lives for Jesus Christ in the industry of Action sports); Walking on Water surf ministry film and outreaches, Nations Foundation (snowboarding) outreaches through film and even more recent Camp Royal (faith based Action sports camp). Then more recently 2010-2013 I served with K-LOVE Radio as the regional Promotions Manager for the Rocky Mtn division. We had the opportunities to work hand in hand with companies like World Vision, Compassion, Operation Christmas Child, BGEA, Luis Palau and their action Sports division, Teen Challenge, Make a Wish, Denver Street Schools, Street Soccer, THRIVE, Women of the Harvest, Open Door Ministries, Denver Rescue Mission, World Ventures, Samaritans Purse, Project CURE and dozens more within local communities.

In spring of 2013, upon leaving K-LOVE Radio, I was encouraged to take a leap of faith by raising support and being a “missionary” for ministries to use. I don’t believe I was ready at that point or called to raise support quite yet. Today however is different. . . Many of my hours weekly are spent helping ministries learn how to promote, plan & execute their events and fundraisers, as well as help with video, media and creative needs. Only it’s been a challenge because much of this advice has been pro-bono on my part, or the ministry really only has limited budget for this sort of thing, so we spend the money towards hiring a film crew and my work is written off.

I am passionate about people. I am passionate about HIM. I am passionate about communicating stories that will connect PEOPLE to HIM and believe this can all be done through STORY and through telling OTHER people’s stories and ministries. 12 years ago I decided not to go the route of hard news broadcast journalism, because I wanted to tell more of a story. Beyond just a suicide or homicide people watching the news couldn’t jump in to help, but a story of a family fighting to impact change and how the audience could get involved and make a difference, or help give back. The stories I wanted to tell 12 years ago were a human interest element with a place for others to get involved.

Today its so fun to see how the Lord has really prepared me, for such a time as now, for ALL my gifts and talents to come together to position me in this place; even with access to a number of film and video professionals to work with, so I CAN actually tell people’s stories, not just have the desire to do something bigger than me. I cannot help but believe this is where the faith aspect comes; as I am being prompted now more than ever to take a risk and step out – Be a missionary to other ministries that helps tell their stories. Help further the kingdom and create stories that impact people drawing them to take action or life-change.

I have seen my life grow leaps and bounds in terms of my relationship and communication with the Holy Spirit, and believe I am at a place today where he’s asking me to risk. And risk BIG. I believe our plans need to be bigger than us and my dreams of being able to impact lives and change the world are so much bigger than me that they are BOUND to fail if the Holy Spirit is not in the midst and God doesn’t bestow favor.