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Project # 15-07 Inspiration Centre,Nairobi, Kenya

Pastor Moses Okanji is well known to Bear Valley Church and Mile High Ministries in Denver. He and his wife Jamie (from Brooklyn, NY) lead an amazing cluster of ministries called the Inspiration Centre.

Inspiration Centre is located in the heart of Mathare slum in Nairobi. Every Sunday, young and old gather together underneath a tent to worship and pray. We have managed to blend the young ones and the adults into one congregation of more than 200 people. Our teachings are based on Matthew 2:6 - not least among them.

After years of renting facilities, they have acquired land and built the first four levels of a six-floor building that includes ministry headquarters, apartments, a chapel and clinic. When completed and all apartments are rented, a debt-free building will greatly help fund their general operations. 


Four floors are built and paid for! The remaining funding will help fund the construction of the 5th floor.

Support Goal to Raise for Project:$0
Remaining for Project Completion:$25,000

We believe that everyone from male to female, young to old, rich and poor have a verse to contribute in this world. Our teachings are simplified to relate to all and the challenges facing our community.