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Amy R. Long – Papillon Enterprises

The mission of Papillon Enterprises is “To prevent child relinquishment in Haitian families through job opportunity.”

A sister project of the Apparent Project, Papillon trains their employees in the creation of high quality artisan goods to provide employment and a livable wage. The project will help parents care for their children and avoid the hard choice of having to relinquish their children to the care of an orphanage.

Amy with SOCI Exec Director Jim Walters

Papillon provides job skills training, medical benefits, language and literacy development opportunities as well as professional development.

There are about 300 artisans employed by Papillon and the goal by 2020 is to employ a minimum of 1,000 artisans.

My role within the project is as a consultant in the packing and order fulfillment process of the artisan goods purchased online both in bulk and by individuals.

Working alongside the local Haitian staff I help make the process accurate, planned out, and efficient for successful product movement. I will also work with the customer service responder as well as the program director to make sure that every order is being fulfilled correctly, and help settle problems or questions as they arise.

My goal is to implement practices that will allow for more productivity and efficiency within the organization’s production line which can lead to improved customer satisfaction and an increased numbers of product sales.