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Susan Michaud Compassion Ministries

As a Disaster Relief Chaplain with Colorado’s Southern Baptist Disaster Relief Organization, Susan volunteers her time and talent in local, national and international compassion ministries. These ministries include: Caring Hands Pregnancy Center and Crossroads of the Rockies both serving west Denver; Disciples United’s motel ministry on East Colfax in Aurora, CO; availability for disaster relief deployments locally, nationally and internationally as well as annual mission trips to the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, USA and Huaraz, Peru.

Budget $4,500
Category Religion – Christianity
Target population Adults
Children and Youth (infants – 19 years)
Native American/American Indian
Poor/Economically Disadvantaged/Indigent


Definition of short-term success

Meeting the needs of the people God puts in my path daily through these ministries.

Praying for their needs, providing for spiritual and physical needs as well as education. In the pregnancy center we educate the mothers/fathers in parenting, child care and pregnancy issues. In the motel ministry I teach children’s church.

On disaster relief sites and in the mission field I use chaplaincy and teaching skills in whatever best serves the needs at the time.I share the Gospel whenever I am given the opportunity.

Definition of long-term success

My mission is to introduce Jesus and make disciples through compassionate care.Success would be to serve the ministries I’m involved with faithfully and to the best of my ability. To be available and active as Chaplain, Life Coach and Minister of the Gospel to children, the poor, the scared and the traumatized. I do this by volunteering daily and weekly in local ministries and by being ready to deploy to disasters as needed. I also plan on at least one mission outside of my local area per year.

In the Pregnancy Center, success would be to aid in bringing healthy babies into healthy families. In my other ministries, success is being faithful and available to the disenfranchised in Denver, on disaster relief sites, on the reservation and in the villages of the Andes in Peru.

Program success monitored by

Progress is monitored by making sure that I’m meeting the needs of the ministries in terms of time, finances and materials necessary to perform my duties. Locally, this consists of 15 to 20 hours of contact with children, clients and the needy. In addition, I spend 10 hours per week preparing lessons, devotions and operating the Pregnancy Center.

For Mission trips and Disaster Relief deployment, I must be involved in planning meetings, garnering supplies and making sure that I’m healthy and ready for emergency deployment.

Examples or evidence of program success

Lives dedicated to the Lord Jesus
Families receiving spiritual, physical and emotional help,
Children hearing the Gospel in a way they can understand
People affected by disasters reassured and given hope;
Natives of America and Peru being given the opportunity to meet the God of the Universe and His Son, Jesus