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Abigail Miller Sengendo – Teaching for the Future of Africa (TFA)

To train teachers and leaders by walking alongside them in their daily teaching practice.

I train teachers, who are the leaders and guides of the next generation.

Objective 1: To teach teachers how to teach in order to cultivate thinkers and life-long learners, who can compete on an international level.

Objective 2: To instill the value of the practice of teaching and learning, by role modeling, practice and walking along-side. As Christ also taught his disciples, so also shall we teach and walk along-side each other.

Objective 3: To foster a love for learning in students and therefore the general populace of Uganda.

I am working toward the goal of raising the standard of teaching and learning within the Vision for Africa Schools network, according to the set strategies. Beyond that, there is opportunity and already those inviting me to come and assist with their school’s transformation and establishing of new schools in unreached regions.

How will you measure short-term success?

I never ask anyone to support my hunches or my untried ideas. I assume the risk of those and then ask them to support my continued successes. I’ve worked with Vision for a year and before I began I drafted a Step by Step plan for the Director. We have achieved success in the first phase of integrating what we call the kinesthetic activity into each lesson taught. Teachers now on a daily basis use games to teach and help children practice their letter sounds, math etc.

What would long term success look like?

Going to other schools and working with teachers so that they can now begin to teach with tools and activities children can work with, as well as integrating Christ into the curriculum. Success would be to become the transforming agent in the way teachers teach.