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Who: The Multi-Church Pastor Institute (MCPI), Rev. Philip E. Morrison, Director

What: We are an organization aimed at helping pastors who have more than one church to minister in that context. Many Pastors have 4, 5, or even 10 churches or more under their care. Our goal is to help them train elders and leaders to carry on the ministry when they are not able to be on site. This situation will continue on in Africa. Research shows that 1,200 churches a month are being planted in Sub-Saharan Africa (many if not most are being planted by indigenous church planters.).

Training institutions are unable to produce trained pastors quickly enough to provide pastors for all of these churches. In addition, these churches are often quite small and could not support their own pastor even if they were provided with one. Therefore, our goal is to help the pastor equip local leaders through training and materials to do the work following after Ephesians 4:11-13. If we don’t train the elders and leaders then we are consigning the African church to weakness. Weak leaders cannot produce strong churches.

Where: We are located in Kenya. However the MCPI team that has gathered together so far has a member from the Democratic Republic of Congo, one from Tanzania, one from Mozambique, and two from Kenya besides myself. We have done training in Uganda as well as Kenya and desire to be used throughout Africa as the Lord leads.

When: We started this ministry officially in December 2008. However, I was running it as a side-ministry and realized that Rift Valley Academy, as a MK school was not the best platform for this kind of training ministry. As I consulted with my mission leaders from Africa Inland Mission, I was advised to look for a strategic partnership with an organization that was like minded. I found that with the Institute for the Study of African Realities which grew out of, and is a sister organization, to Nairobi Evangelical Graduate School of Theology. (Both ISAR and NEGST are now under the umbrella of the newly formed African International University or AIU.) My secondment to ISAR has taken place this month, September 2009.