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Project # 15-05 - Namuncha Church - Kenya

The Namuncha Church of Kenya, Africa is located in The Masai Mara, a large grassy area that runs for hundreds of miles along the Rift Valley. Led by Pastor Simon, Namuncha is the central place where many area churches are trained and supported.

Their newest building will house and educate young women who have been rescued out of human trafficking and forced marriages. 


The stones used for this building have been quarried by the Masai people, but you can help provide them with a metal roof, windows, and doors. 

Budget: $16,000
Raised for Project Completion: $8,000
Remaining for Project Completion: $8,000

Pastor Simon, and long-time missionaries Dr. Mark and Sue Newton of the nearby Kijabe Medical Center, will use this building for years to come.

Call Pastor Jim Walters at 720-530-4195 to donate to this project.

Thank you for helping us serve people and give hope in Kenya, Africa!