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Dan and Rita Noel – Haiti

Please come alongside us as we serve and mentor in Haiti.

We have been working in Gressier, Haiti for 5 years, living here full-time for the last 3 years. God has blessed us with the opportunity to serve with Respire Haiti, a Christian organization that is based here in Gressier. (

Haiti was actually not even on our radar when we felt God calling us out of our comfortable Colorado lifestyle in 2010 – the year Haiti had its devastating earthquake. What began as a short-term mission trip with our Ft Collins church in March 2011, turned into a full-time calling with Respire Haiti in this Haitian community. In August 2011, Rita began handling student sponsorships for a small Christian school of around 40 students. That school has now grown to 500 students, and sponsorship has grown into mentoring and training a wonderful staff of 35 Haitian teachers and administrators. To keep up with the growth of the school, Dan is continuing to oversee the building of classrooms, including a much-needed building for our Special Needs students. Over the last few years, Respire has built a medical clinic, as well as, a Recovery House for our students that need surgery. A one-year sabbatical from Colorado has now turned into 3 years, and Dan continues with building and maintenance, and more importantly mentoring and training a group of Haitian workers that are now a tightly knit construction crew.

We have watched in awe as God has poured out blessings on this Haitian community and Respire Haiti, and we are grateful and humbled to be a part of it all.