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John Bennett, Orphan Support Ministry

A number of families in the USA are working to bring orphans from Haiti, Latvia, and other places.

Madara and Baiba lead the list as two girls who came from Latvia. Their amazing progress and spiritual growth have been a blessing to many in Colorado.

In the summer of ’14, the two girls returned to Latvia to serve as counselors in the very same “orphan camp” they had attended as children.

The John Bennett family is now well into an adoption process we are supporting.

Budget $12,000
Category Religion – Christianity
Target population Children and Youth (infants – 19 years.)


Definition of short-term success

Currently we have three adoptions completed and one more underway.

Definition of long-term success

We hope to see a continual train of orphans coming to become part of thriving families in the Colorado area.

Program success monitored by

Examples or evidence of program success

To see these kids in church on Sunday, learning and playing and growing alongside the local children, is a pure joy.