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Our mission is to design holistic, sustainable, environmental strategies to deliver clean water as a means of bringing the Living Water (Jesus Christ) to water-stressed communities around the world. Sweetwater’s particular emphasis is on serving widows and orphans in places where water security is “impossible”. We strive to deliver clean and Living water in such a manner that when our work is done our client communities shout “The hand of the Lord has done this!”.

When the poor and needy seek water, and there is none; and their tongue is parched with thirst
I the LORD will answer them; I will make the wilderness a pool of water
that they may see and know; the hand of the LORD has done this

Isaiah 41:17-20

Our Technical Approach: Prayer and C.A.R.E.


When you want to know how to repair your car you read the manual and talk to the maker. When you want to solve an environmental problem you read the Bible and talk to the Creator. We believe God gave us tools such as science to faithfully execute our duties as stewards of the creation. Before engaging in research, we ask God to work through our minds, our training, and our clients’ resources to develop the most efficient, practical, and dignifying water strategies for our client communities. Prayer then continues in an ongoing conversation between us and God as the research is conducted, the results communicated, the plans implemented, and the outcomes assessed for strengths and weaknesses.

C.A.R.E. –

Communicate.     We are contacted by Local leaders–native, expat, or both–who are influential members of their community and are motivated to develop clean water strategies that utilize local sustainable resources.

Ascertain.     Working closely with local leaders, we take an inventory of the resources God has blessed the community with including natural, technological, and societal resources. We then identify obstacles to clean water access, propose solutions, and design research and experiments to test the efficacy and sustainability of the proposed strategies.

Research.     The research and experimentation is conducted at Sweetwater’s facilities in the U.S. As we are able, we use our lab and raceways (artificial streams) to mimic the ecological context and type of pollution we are trying to mitigate. All research adheres to the strictest conventions of quality control in order to produce scientifically sound, reproducible, trustworthy results.

Educate.     We report the results of our research first to the client community leaders and then to Sweetwater’s network and the broader scientific community. The tested, reliable, and sustainable solutions are then disseminated by the local leaders through education and outreach programs for which Sweetwater also provides consultation. Regular communication is maintained with local leaders to evaluate the efficacy of the strategies and stay abreast of further opportunities to improve upon the solutions.

A Testimony of the Lord’s Favor

It was in obedience to the calls of God in the Scriptures to care for the widow and the orphan (e.g., James 1:27) that David left his position as a watershed scientist at a public university on August 31st, 2017. On the evening of the 31st we held a family worship session around the piano to praise Jesus in advance for the provision we were confident He would provide. Several days later a check arrived from a distant contact that we had not seen in several years. The check had been written on August 31st. This testimony, among many others, has been used in multiple testimonies to the Lord’s faithfulness in the early days of Sweetwater. We serve a great God and Jehovah Jireh (Our Provider) is His name! Psalm 65:9-13.

A Fledgling Ministry

Sweetwater is still in the earliest stages of development. In addition to prayer and financial support, we seek PARTNERS. If you are a businessman who needs a scientist to put his vision into reality, then consider contacting us. David is a scientist seeking a person with business acumen to complement his skillset and implement the Sweetwater vision. May God bring us together for His Kingdom!

Sweetwater also seeks CLIENTS. We want to see and hear people praising God for the miracle of clean, sustainable water sources. That won’t be possible if we are not hired! Please prayerfully consider how Sweetwater can take your community development project and enhance its physical and spiritual fruitfulness through holistic water strategies.


and who we are as revealed in the Holy Scriptures, as we look to Jesus Christ we move forward with full confidence of faith, eagerly anticipating God’s miraculous provision for our operation, God’s guidance as we use the tool of science to explore water solutions, and God’s outpouring of His Holy Spirit, the Living Water, upon those who receive clean drinking water through our ministry.