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Project # 15-03 Penza, Russia Baptist Church Construction

Penza is a city about 300 miles SE of Moscow. This is an autonomous Baptist Church – very conservative theology, foundational preaching. The pastor is Gennady Kuznetsov. We know him personally. His son is a member of Bear Valley Church and a graduate of Denver Seminary Vitaly Kuznetsov, who is now preaching in a small Russian language congregation in Denver.

Vitaly hopes to go to Cuba soon as a missionary to Russian people there.

SOCI does have a way to easily transfer funds to the church through The Masters Academy Intl of California. These funds will complete the roof and interior of this beautiful red and white brick church in Penza, Russia – and give its Pastor and people a lighthouse in the community.

Budget: $126,630
Funded: $106,000
Remaining forProject Completion: $21,000

Much progress has been made in the summer and fall the ceiling and roof are complete; the windows are installed. The building will be in the dry by winter. A lot more remains to be done in the interior but other US partners are encouraged by the progress.