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Anne Prinzhorn, Vision for Africa

I work at Vision for Africa, Int’l in Mukono, Uganda. This is a large and well-established comprehensive children’s ministry, supported by people in both Europe and the USA.

My goal is to help young women (in the vocational training program) and primary school students get access to information which will help them receive a well rounded education on the path to becoming well educated Christians.

My passion is to procure and deliver small tablet computers to be used as learning tools.  This met with a lot of resistance initially but once it caught on, it became a powerful tool in the hands of both students and teachers.

My long term goal is to see increased knowledge of history, geography, art, music, math religious studies.  Computer skills are essential and progress measurable.

As for my own story, a  friend, Carola Tengler, and I worked to build a vocational training school for girls and attached it to Vision for Africa in Uganda.  God guided my every step, my every trip back to Uganda twice per year for the past 15 years.  I am a 3 time cancer survivor and God has graciously given me a job in the field of education even though I am not a trained educator.

Last March, God guided me to help the Blind in Uganda. I discovered that we can ship via postal mail all kinds of tools for blind people at no cost of shipping or postage, and customs is not an issue. It is amazing what a little assistance can mean to a person who has nothing at all, in the way of aids for the sight-impaired.

I believe God is honored by even the smallest gestures that we can make. As Mother Teresa once said, ‘there are no great deeds for God. Only small deeds for a great God.”

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