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Project #15-23 – Windows and other replacements to the church

Total Cost: $ 11,000 for Window Replacement – a major project. Many other repairs are being taken care of by local church members.

Here is a Thank You Video from the people of Talsi Baptist Church:

Talsi Baptist is one of the pillars of the 93 churches in the Latvia Baptist Union. Jim Walters, Senior Pastor of Bear Valley Church, Lakewood, Colorado, preached in this church in 1993 only two years after their independence from the USSR.

SOCI_15-23_TALSI_1 SOCI_15-23_TALSI_2

Their building was built back in the League of Nations era between the world wars, and has been kept up by the locals for many decades. However, now the large glass windows in the sanctuary are in sad shape and it is cold in Latvia for more than six months. They have a new pastor- who lives in a tiny apartment actually up in the attic of the church. About 150 people attend this church weekly.

Total Cost: $11,000
Raised and waiting for Matching Grants: $5,500
Remaining for Project Completion: $5,500