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Karen Taylor

Mission Purpose
Since the death of my husband (Dec. 2014) and also having completed much education, I am embarking on short-term International Mission trips. I have done several of these trips in the past. Now, though, it appears that such missionary work is truly a “Call” to me from the Lord.

During my Missions trips I plan to model the gospel of Jesus Christ while offering support to the missionaries who are in the field and/or those we are serving through teaching, counseling, and “loving upon.” Of course, I am well aware that missionaries must be flexible. Knowing this, I will perform whatever activities are necessary to serve those to whom I am sent.

Mission Goals

It would look like a life of joy having fulfilled one of the purposes for which I have been created. My story—including missions—would be a part of others’ stories, and theirs a part of mine. Together we will become part of God’s Master story as our lives are intermingled by the Almighty. At all times the gospel of Jesus Christ will be preached – sometimes with words.

  • Visit Global Women in Leadership Network for more information about missions for women Karen supports in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.
  • See photos of recent missions efforts around the world below.


Ministry to children, Goma, Congo Philippines Mission Team, 2016
Visiting a safe home in Goma Working with people in West Palestine
Giving goats to Paines Cleaning hospital walls in Goma, Congo