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PROJECT #: 15-01 Texas Baptist Men Water Ministry

Cost: $ 7,000 per drilling rig
Status: Completed 2 rigs for India and Africa — plus water filters

The Water Purification systems have various components, according to the needs of the area. We are proud that our filters are made in the U.S. and have been confirmed by a FDA registered lab to remove harmful bacteria and reduce or remove virus.

A gravity drip system using plastic buckets is ideal for small families where there is no electricity. Simple techniques make these systems easy to build and maintain. Each filter can handle 60 gal of pure water/day.

Drilling Rigs:

The well-drilling rigs are small-scale , utilizing a simple two-person posthole digger with a six-horsepower engine. For $ 7000 a rig is built and shipped and two trainers travel to equip the locals to use it repeatedly. The first unit already has been tested at a couple of locations in Texas, and it will be used soon to drill a well for an orphanage, widows center and hospital in Eku, Nigeria, and another in a medical mission in India.