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Jordan Vargo – Kaya Children

God has given me a strong heart for underprivileged children and has used my time at Seminary in the Justice and Mission program to further hone that passion for his work. I spent my thesis work in seminary researching and writing on the most beneficial type of care that Christians can provide for orphaned and vulnerable children.

My hope and desire with working with Kaya Children International in La Paz, Bolivia is to be of assistance in helping to place street children back into their family environment or another type of family living situation instead of institutionalized care.  I will also be assisting in teaching bible lessons to the children, kaya staff, and neighboring community members.  My hope is to learn from Kaya Children and be of useful assistance in helping to continue to develop their programs for children and families.

Personal Testimony

I was raised in a Christian family and came to know the Lord at the age of 10.  I remember having a passion to be a missionary at a very young age, but being unsure of what that really entailed.  I definitely look back now and see God really developing me into his servant to prepare me for his work.  However, even though I grew up in the church I feel that my faith didn’t fully start to develop substantially until college.

It was then that I spent a couple mission trips in Vietnam (Jesus in Vietnam ministries) that I really started to see my need for God and the privilege I have been born into to be able to dedicate my life to others.  Therefore, I ended up in Seminary (best decision of my life) and grew and learned in the Justice and Mission program and really saw God shape his calling on my life!