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Project # 15-02 Vieques Baptist Church Puerto Rico

Cost: $10,000 (To finish visitors quarters)

This is the only Baptist church on the small island of Vieques that is part of the US Territory of Puerto Rico. Thirty sixother Baptist churches are on the larger island called Puerto Rico. The total population of the territory is over four million people if it became a state it would rank 29th in population among all states.(A project in partnership with Vision Puerto Rico/ Howard Waller)

The Vieques Baptist Church has been a recipient of several short-term teams that have come down from the mainland US to help them grow and reach out. These teams have impacted other churches as well. Projects have included:

  • Re-wiring the church worship center
  • Training preachers on the island
  • Re-painting the church inside and out
  • Womens conference
  • Vacation Bible school for kids
  • Development of a teen center
  • Establishing a clear title to the land
  • Remodeling fellowship hall

Now the PRIORITY project is to complete the remodeling and finishing out of the upstairs area of the fellowship building so that short term teams could be housed at the church site. This would save money for the teams, put them in a clean and safe place.

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