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Project #15-18-Water Drilling Rig for born-again churches -Province of Negros Occidental, Philippines

SOCI agent Dr. Fred Hogue ministers here.
Status: NEED FUNDING-$ 7,000 total for the project

The Franklin Drilling Rig

The well-drilling rigs are essential micro-scale oil drilling rigs, but these utilize a simple two-person posthole auger with a six-horsepower engine. For $ 7,000 a rig is built and shipped overseas and two trainers travel to the location to demonstrate and train the locals how to use it repeatedly. This can produce a large number of wells over time, as deep as 120 feet.

The drill comes with bits for soil and rock as well as the PVC pump assembly. Parts needed to construct the stem well cover and can be bought locally. Parts to repair this kind of engine are available in most cities around the world.

The first units have been shipped already to drill a well for an orphanage, widows center and hospital in Eku, Nigeria, and another in a medical mission in India.