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John White – World Cafe’

I, John White, lead a group of volunteers, who are involved in a ministry outreach to international students at Denver University, which is known as The World Cafe’.

This is strictly a volunteer organization that provides lunch in the basement of a nearby church, on Thursdays. Approximately forty international students and visiting scholars (mostly Chinese) attend. Our purpose is to build friendships, offer opportunities to practice English with native speakers, and to expose the students to experiences with friendly, loving Christians.

About ten of them attend a Bible study before lunch. About twenty of them attend an English conversation group after lunch – we weave Christian principles and topics into the English conversation.

One of the scholars recently told me “the university is our school – but The World Cafe’ is our home.” We have had some wonderful experiences in seeing students grow in their understanding and experience with Christianity. We have had the opportunity to plant lots of seeds!