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Team Wiesen

Team Wiesen expresses passion for missions by supporting other mission passions.

That’s a mouth full!

We have both been blessed to be active participants in a number of dynamic missions in our lifetimes. However, today we are working with the Lord to provide a different kind of support to the same missions in ways that we never imagined.

Isn’t that just like our Lord! Following His lead – into His missions.

Fred is making what we call mission tables to raise money for Servants of Christ International/Team Wiesen. Recently Fred sold a unique walnut table to a bank for $1,500. He also makes cutting boards and Lazy Janes (the Susan in our family is NOT lazy).

Carolyn has raised support with her photographs as canvas print wall groupings for various businesses in Tyler.

We have raised money for:

  • Hines Ugandan Ministries
  • Texas Baptist Men (Water Ministries and Disaster Relief in South Texas)
  • SOCI church building ministries.

The money we raise is contributed to SOCI where it is managed in the Team Wiesen account for distribution to the missions we are supporting. We are especially blessed to live in part of the US that is mission friendly. Perhaps the most noteworthy support we receive comes from a generous and faithful family who have supported our mission efforts since Fred’s retirement in 2012.