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Team Weisen Flock Ministry

Fred and Carolyn Clarke Weisen minister to local churches through establishing “flock ministries” within the church.

They are also both accomplished pastoral care givers whose passion is usually senior adults.

They also support various other ministries through short-term mission trips and financial partnership.

Budget $6,000
Category Religion
Target population Adults
Aging/Elderly/Senior Citizens


Definition of short-term success

Moving into their new home in Tx and building relationships with their new home church and also other churches in the area. Accomplising one beta-test type ministry program in a local church in that area.

Definition of long-term success

Establishing flock ministries within local churches so that these congregations are strengthened in their abilty to minister within and without their membership.

Program success monitored by

Our board member Jim Walters keeps in touch with Fred and Carolyn and monitors their move and progress.