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Water Ministry – Dave Winslow

The goal of the Water Ministry is to facilitate the drilling of water wells in locations around the world where clean drinking water is difficult to obtain or non-existent.

Support raised will help send portable drilling rigs to these locations and help train local crews to drill and complete water wells to provide potable water for their church and community.

The goal is to have each portable water well drilling rig placed in the ownership of church groups that are trained to drill and complete multiple wells with each rig. Dave plans to go to the locations to conduct the initial training of the drilling crew and then follow up to make sure that it is maintained and repeatedly used to drill numerous water wells.

Dave also hopes to be able to follow up and keep track of the drill rigs that are sent overseas. He want to make sure they remain operational and that spare parts are sent as needed to keep them working.

The long term goal is to drill 25-50 wells and provide clean drinking water for many villages. If the wells can be drilled in association with local Christian churches, we hope to also introduce the local people to the “Living Water” of Jesus.

Dave has always wanted to be able to use the skills God has blessed him with to help others, and now He has called Dave to this Water Ministry around the world.

Budget $10,000 to 20,000 annual support needed
Category Community support and evangelism
Target population Christian churches and their communities